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Mindfulness for Pain Relief

Living with chronic pain from injuries or diseases can have an extremely debilitating effect on our emotional and physical wellbeing.

Mindfulness life dandelion clock 3Sometimes our relationships with others suffer due to our feelings of anxiety, even depression and anger can be present for us.

Pain management with drugs is an option for us, as is the option of trying mindful meditation.

Mindfulness meditation actually changes the way the mind perceives pain, so that it becomes more bearable. The strange idea of wanting to pay more attention to our pain instead of trying to escape it, seems to be an odd thing to practice.


Paying attention to pain with curiosity without judgement and expectations, without treating the painful parts of the body as the enemy we can change our relationship to it and the way that we respond to it.

Stress exacerbates and maintains our pain, negative thoughts drive negative feelings, which can in turn sensitise our nervous systems increasing our pain.

It may take some practice, but it is possible to stay calm when we are in physical pain, which then allows the nervous system to calm down.

The process of doing mindful mediation can also boost our natural pain modifiers, endorphins the feel good hormones, they interact with receptors in the brain to help reduce our perception of pain.

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