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Mindful Walking

When mindful walking our goal is the same as sitting or moving mindfulness practices.

Mindfulness life dandelion clock 2Walking consciously being aware of your bodily senses and the environment around you, this may be out in a forest or up on a mountain, in fields or on pathways, by the sea and rivers, parks and sanctuaries.

Wherever you feel you need to be to relax, de-stress calm your mind body and soul. Paying full attention to what is around you, being in the present moment.

Feeling the earths surface under your feet, the air flowing in and out of your lungs, embrace how your body moves through space, maybe in a more deliberate way than usual, take each step with care not necessarily slow.

Hearing the sounds that are around you, noticing how the fresh air smells, there will be many distractions wanting to draw your attention away from being mindful, keep refocusing back to the task in hand being aware of each step you take and every inhale and exhale of breath, walking with intention mindfully.

Walking outdoors also has an impact on our health, being out in nature can have lasting effects on our immune system, helping to keep us free from minor illnesses.

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