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Mindful Movement

Some of us are always on the go, possibly finding it difficult to slow down, practising Mindful Movement maybe the answer.

Mindfulness life dandelion clock 6Busy stressful lives can leave us with symptoms like headaches, tight shoulders and necks, sore feet, knees, hips and aching backs - the side effects from living our daily lives in the fast lane.

Mindful Movement is moving and stretching in a slow mindful way, with full awareness of the sensations of your breath, fully aware of each segment of a movement from start to finish and without being competitive with yourself or others.

Being curious about where your comfort zones are, not pushing into pain or discomfort.

Activities like yoga, pilates, qigong, tai chi, swimming, walking even running can all be practised mindfully. Depending on what type of movement we choose to take part in, we also have the possibility to improve our cardiopulmonary health, bone density, strength and balance, improve digestive and immune systems, improve our sleeping patterns, help our concentration and our focus to detail.

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