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Mindful Eating

Mindful eating is paying attention fully to the experience and enjoyable pleasure of eating and drinking, the colour, texture, flavour, temperature, smell, even sounds (crunch) and the portion size of our food.

Mindfulness life dandelion clock 5Being in the present moment whilst eating helps to develop a new mindset and relationship with our food. Appreciation for the effort in cooking it and thinking about how it has arrived at your table, the people involved in the laboring jobs of producing it come to mind.

Learning when we eat mindless also helps us, are you bored, stressed, sad, eating socially, the smell of a take-away after a night out. When we are in tune with our bodies we can learn to differentiate between cravings and actual hunger. When eating mindfully the stomach has time to signal to the brain when it is actually full, this process takes about 15-20 minutes.

Better digestion is achieved and the awareness of chewing food more thoroughly aids this process, food needs to be broken into very small pieces so that the stomach and small intestines don’t have to work so hard, making us more bodily efficient.

How many times have you allowed yourself a treat (crisps or chocolate) whilst watching the television only to put your hand into the bag a moment later and realize they had all been eaten. Missing out completely on the experience of tasting each delicious mouthful.

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