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Wellbeing feeling good and phyiscally well

Do you want to feel more positive, happier and get the most out of your life?

There is much evidence and research to suggest that there are 5 Steps we can take to achieve an improvement in our mental and phyiscal wellbeing.

Being mindful an awareness of being fully in the present moment, whilst acknowledging and accepting our feelings, thoughts and bodily sensations. When we are mindful we can reduce stress, enhance performance and gain clear insight.  You come to realise that your thoughts come and go of thier own accord and that you are not your thoughts.

To be Active take a walk or cycle, enjoy the colours and smells of the outdoors, join a team event and make new friends, anything that inspires you to move and breath.

Be Kind to others, the smallest gesture can make someone's day, a smile, opening a door, remembering to say thank-you or saying to someone that they look nice.  If you have spare time on your hands volunteering for a local charity or a community program.  This may also help you to build a new network of friends.

Learning, helps you to build self confidence and will give you a sense of achievement, so try something that you've always wanted to have a go at, flower arranging, pottery, fixing the car or DIY the choices are endless, you just have to choose one.

Connect, being connected to other people that are around you, your partner, family, friends, work colleagues, neighbours, commit to spending time to these relationships. Relationships give us a sense of belonging and selfworth, allowing us to share our feelings and our life experiences with emotional support.

So thankfully there are many simple ways that we can improve our wellbeing, you just have to choose were to start, enjoy finding something that works for you.

Choose to eat Mindfully
Mindful Dance

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