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Kindness: the quality of being warmhearted, considerate, compassionate, humane and sympathetic we all have individual thoughts, feelings and emotions of what it means to each one of us. There are many ways to be kind and a whole lot of opportunities each day for us to practice and do acts of kindness, for ourselves and others. Changes to our environment and the way we have had to adjust to new living and working conditions during the current pandemic is the time when we should whole heartedly be kind, compasionate, sympathetic and loving to ourselves and others. As human being's, it's in our DNA to show kindness and fundamental to our human existence. Truth is when we are kind, we ourselves feel happier and less stressed, it creates feelings of warmth within us, it gives us a connection to others, leading us to have more positive and plesant relationships. The effect of us being kind to other's is that the receivers of our kindness, also experience all of these benefits, they in turn will be more likely to assist others with acts of kindness, producing wider and larger ripples of kindness out into the community.                                                                                                                                                                                

Kindness is also important for our health, doing acts of kindness or something nice for someone, makes you feel better too, this just doesn't happen, its to do with the pleasure centre in your brain releasing feel good hormones (endorphins, serotonin) Kindness is good for your heart it can affect it's chemical balance, kindness releases the hormone oxytocin which is known as a cardioprotective hormone, assisting in the regulation of blood pressure.  Oxytocin (the cuddle hormone) is produced when we hug other's or our pets and when we socially bond with others, it is also considered to help us counter act the effects of stress by reducing blood pressure and cortisol levels, oxytocin can also help to reduce inflamation in the body, which could help people with inflamatory health conditions like diabetes, chronic pain, allergies. With all of these positive effects happening could kindness be the secret to helping us live healthier and happier live's.

Kindness starts with being kind to yourself, be kind and forgive your mishaps, mistakes or misjudgements, it's all learning helping us nagivate through the up's and downs of life. Kindness is more than just being nice, doing intentional and voluntary acts of kindness when it's easy is simple, it's when it challenges you that it may become somewhat more difficult to complete your gesture, but it needs someone to get the ball rolling, to start that wave, to keep ripples moving outwards towards our families, friends, colleagues, communities and reach further wider destinations. Simple kind acts such as a smile, holding a door open, a compliment could make someone else's day, donate to chartity or volunteer, we have so many choices available to us, that we can all contribute some kindness to other's that will ease alongside and into our normal daily patterns and life styles.

*The small act of Kindness that you do, could possibility mean the world to the person receiving it* 

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"Kindness is a language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see" Mark Twain

Kindness - The quality of being, friendly, generous and considerate

Psychologists believe that we are wired to detect anything that threatens our survival, always on the look out for the next incoming danger, our attention has been raised to continuing acts of unkindness and cruelty in our every day life, shown to us through television, social media, newspapers and magazines.  Has this made us fearful of having interactions with others, leading us to be less likey, in offering acts of kindness to people we don't know? Maybe in this fast paced world we live in kindness and compasson have taken a back seat to our self interest of getting ahead, being more successful, wanting to earn more, continually working longer hours to achieve and be happier. Is that being kind or compassionate to oursleves?.

When we do something kind for someone else we feel good within ourselves, many people feel that this is because its the right thing to do, so reaching deeply into our sense of whats good about human nature. Kindness improves our relationships by reducing the emotional distance between people, allowing us to feel connected giving us closer bonds with our partners, families, working colleagues, neighbours, local groups even strangers. Kindness is contagious when we are kind ourselves it inspires others to be kind, creating ripples that fan outwards reaching into other peoples lives.

When we are observant and really listen, we will notice the chances that arise in our day to day lives, to be kind and ease the paths of others who we share our world with, it can be as simple as having eye contact with someone and saying hello, a smile, a thank you, making a cup of tea, a thoughtful note in a loved one's lunch box, giving a lttle of your time to help an other person, checking on an elderly neighbour, I could type an endless list of things here, I'm sure you all having plenty of way's you can be kind.

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