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How do you care for yourself?

Mindfulness Life - how do you care for yourself?

Personal hygiene, a good healthy diet maybe even regular trips to the gym or some other form of exercise, are all ways that we take care of our external selves. The day to day things that we do ensure that our bodies stay clean, healthy and fit for the life style we choose to live.

Do you have the same nourishing and caring relationship with your mind as you do your body ?

Do you have a daily routine or practice that contributes to protecting and maintaining your mental wellbeing ?

A practice that will help you to reduce the effects of living busy and stressful lives.

Maybe you could start by being kind to yourself and creating some snippets of quiet time throughout your busy day with STOP

S  Stop what you are doing.
T  Take a few deep slow breaths, gently focusing on the out breath.
O  Observe your experience, including your thoughts, how you feel physically and emotionally.
P  Proceed, continue with what you were doing, but at calmer pace or maybe even take a complete break for just a minute or two.

Give it a go, you’ve nothing to lose and plenty to gain.

Please Contact Amanda for more information


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