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Connection to others


Most of us need to feel supported, valued and Connected to others, this makes us happier and healthier, leading us to function well as human beings in the enviroment that surrounds us.

As we learn the art of genuinely giving and receiving with others our personal, social and professional relationships grow and strengthen.

Why not today see how Connected you are, maybe try a new or different approach than you normally would do.

Smile or say Hello to a stranger.

Speak to someone on the telephone rather than texting or e-mailing.

Leave a hand written note for someone were they would'nt expect to find one.

Tune in 100% to a connversation when you ask someone how they are.

Most importantly always be yourself, never try to be someone or something other than who you truly are, your Connections to others don't always have to be deep intense heart to hearts, they can be light funny and simple exchanges that bring warmth and smiles to someones day.

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