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Mindful eating - Giving your full attention to the experience of eating in the present moment.

It has also been shown to help with weight loss and assist in gaining control of unhealthy eating habits.

A few simple tips to get you get started.   Slowing down and eating without distraction.  Our brain takes around 20 minutes to register that we feel full, so sitting down giving our full attention to what we are eating and chewing our food is a great place to begin.  Try not to be distracted by the television, the computer or your smartphone.

Decide what makes you eat,   do you eat from actually being physically hungry or from an emotional signal such as feeling stressed, frustration, sadness or just plain old fashion boredom.  By learning to know and understand what your own personal triggers are, will give you time to choose your response to those feelings.

When do you eat?   at random times during the day grabing snacks here and there during your busy day or do you plan ahead deciding what you are going to eat and when.  With good organisation and preperation skills you are more likely to eat the amount of food that you need and not overindulge with one more snack.

Appreciation for what is on your plate, recognising the effort of shopping for your food, the preparation and time it takes to cook, the table presentation, the colours that are on your plate, every aspect should be noticed.  Consideration of where your food has come from beyond the supermarket, greengrocers or butchers.  The people who have been involved in planting, nurturing and harvesting all play a part in what is on your plate.

Mindful eating takes practice, so slow down when your eating, see the colours on your plate, enjoy the taste, texture and flavours that are on your plate and stop when you are full.



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