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Autumn Air

Autumn Air

Can you feel the chill in the Autumn air, as passing time brings us new seasons and change. 

Autumn is also known as being the season of opposites, the weather starts to chill, the trees shed their leaves, hibernation and rest of the coming Winter is what nature starts to prepare for. We will begin to slow down as the days shorten, bring warmth and comfort inside of our homes, light cosy wood fires, burn candles scented of cinnamon and apple and close our curtains against the early evening darkness.

Nature moves slowly and deliberately through each yearly cycle, Autumn is natures last hoorah slipping into the de-cluttering of its foliage, Winter is the hermit, Spring explodes with new life and Summer a time of light and vitality. If we slow down enough and pay close attention to our mind, physical body and emotions, we have this Autumn a chance to let go of the old that no longer suits you well and make way for the new and fresh. Prune, cut, trim, condense and tidy up, once you've completed these tasks and some may be more challenging than others to let go of. The extra weight that you have once carried, now dropped to the floor like the falling leaves of Autumn, you’ll wonder why you held on to some of those old things for so long. 

Letting yourself have space to breath and be comfortable. Autumn will slowly slip into Winter and hibernation, a time to rest and perhaps a time to move forward in ways that you've never tried before, could this now be possible for you to try?

Life always brings us constant change, just as the seasons change, the more we are able to accept and adapt to our own individual life changes the further forward we can go to explore new adventures experiences.

Living in the present moment and having awareness to your surroundings is a gift Autumn can bring, Mindful walking, paying attention to all of the beautiful colours that nature shows us in this season dark greens, bright and muted yellows, flaming reds and burnt oranges, showing all the rich and vibrant hues that nature has to offer, allow yourself to stop, pay attention, be in the moment and enjoy the wonderful changes that you see, hear, smell, use all of your natural senses,

Become aware of your thoughts and feelings in these moments, accept and allow them to  be, just as they are.

Be quiet, still and breath,

Remind yourself that the change of the season is, letting go of the old and an invitation for the new to unfold.

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