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Amanda james mindfulnesslifeHello and welcome to my website.

I am Amanda James, I’m the director of Mindfulness Life. It’s nice to meet you.

My personal mindfulness practice was established 30 years ago as a part of my yoga practice, this included Buddhist meditation and also from my interest in alternative therapies that help us to achieve a good healthy lifestyle mentally and physically.

I started working in the fitness industry in my early twenties, teaching all aspects of fitness, body building and nutrition. I loved every moment of it.

Following a serious back injury, I found myself using and relying on my meditation practice and mindful breathing practice to help me with the effects of having acute and chronic pain. This resulted in a positive outcome in relieving my anxiety so helping lessen my discomfort.

My professional retraining started firstly by becoming a sports therapist and teaching in adult education. Secondly qualifying with the English F.A and working as a football therapist rehabilitating injured players. This lead me to a job within the NHS physiotherapy department, seeing many aspects of trauma injuries and planned surgeries, seeing first hand how the experience of pain management is approached both through medication and mindful practices.

Next came my journey into becoming a Pilates Teacher, an exercise method that has some of its roots Mindfulness life dandelion clock 4firmly in rehabilitation exercise as well as being a complete body workout for the fit, healthy and able person. Some of the requirements for practicing Pilates is that the participant uses their breathing and concentration to start their exercises, making it a mindful practice.

The last 3 years I have been teaching workshops in mindfulness meditation. Using the different methods of being mindful, breathing, mental body scans, movement, walking and concentration skills. Helping clients to reduce stress, anxiety, relief of pain, improve focus, wellbeing and better sleep patterns.

I have undertaken many workshops, training days and retreats focusing on my personal and professional mindfulness training, traveling many miles in the UK and abroad, most recently to Ireland to study with the Centre for Mindfulness, a course devised by the University of Massachusetts Medical School founded by Jon Kabat-Zinn. This year I completed my teacher training and currently continuing my CPD with Mindfulness UK.

Mindfulness has had a profound and positive affect on how I choose to live my life, you could say life changing, bringing calmness and patience when challenging situations arise, with happiness and appreciation for all of the good times.

It can be difficult and daunting to start a new practice in our lives, even if it is going to be of benefit to yourselves, so if or when you need a helping hand along the way I’m here to help.

I look forward to hearing from you.
Best Wishes,

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